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Radio Conversions

If your wanting modern sound but a totally original looking radio this is what you've been looking for!

We are known worldwide for producing the highest quality digital conversions available. We can take almost any 1930's to 1970's radio and convert it to digital, allowing you to keep the original appearance of your radio but giving it the latest in technology and best sound quality possible. With Features such as Bluetooth Music streaming, iPhone/iPod intergration, USB inputs and many more our conversions are second to none!

New Retro Radio's

For those who are looking for a more affordable option than having their original radio converted we also stock new retro radio's, there are two models available with fitting kits for over 60 vehicles! These radio's are unlike any other retro radio you've seen before, they have very good sound quality - far superior to “other” offerings on the market. Both models look the same from the front and are designed to be used in conjunction with a kit to fit your vehicle.


We have a very good reputation when it comes to our installs, from basic radio's with a couple of speakers to systems that run many speakers, subwoofers & amplifiers for the ultimate in sound quality! Hidden factory looking installs are our speciality, we can get 5.1 surround sound in most cars without being able to see any speakers!


The quality of the installation makes a huge difference to the overall sound of the system, we can take care of this for you or give you the advice you need to make a good job of installing our gear yourself. Phone us for more information & pricing.

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